The ethecalTM Solution

The concept is surprisingly simple yet profoundly impactful. The ethecal platform is a one-stop money management solution for everyone. Offering simple budgeting tools, access to money saving offers on everyday expenses such as phone plans, utilities and subscriptions as well as affordable loans even for those on low incomes.

The ethecal platform is unique in that consumers have access to reduced cost services and credit based on their ability to pay for the goods and services versus the traditional method of screening based on credit history. This is a fairer way to connect customers in need of credit with ethecal providers in cases where an individuals credit score may not give a true representation of the lending and borrowing risk.

The ethecal platform is democratising the access to credit and allowing money to flow, helping more customers get on the path of financial wellbeing.

ethecalTM for everyone

A money management solution with access to everyday money saving offers and credit for everyone.

ethecalTM for service providers

Ability to provide products and services to a wider reach of pre-screened customers.

ethecalTM for local authorities

Substantially reducing the support costs of delivering benefits and receiving payments.

A Complete Financial Ecosystem

ethecalTM for everyone

ethecalTM is a money management tool that can simplify anyone’s account. It is the ultimate smart app for accessing money saving offers, budgeting tools, and access to fair credit.

ethecalTMfor service providers

Businesses benefit from the operating efficiencies of ethecalTM customer vetting and automated loan repayment services and money management tools in the ethewallet.

ethecalTM for local authorities

Local authorities benefit from the ethecalTM ecosystem through reduced calls on their resources and the operating efficiencies of ethecalTM payroll and money management tools.

The ethecalTM Community

Some organisations exploit vulnerable people for the sake of their own profit. The ethecal community is changing the rules so that these organisations will have no place in the new economic ecosystem. Whilst there are, undoubtedly, many organisations who have no interest in anything except their own profits, there are also a growing number which are truly dedicated to being a positive force for society. 

The ethecal ecosystem offers these ethically positive organisations a platform where they can offer new products to people who previously could only turn to loan sharks and other exploitative organisations. In other words, the ethecal platform reverses the economics of providing services to financially vulnerable people… it makes it not only an ethically positive position, but an economically positive one for them. 

These are just some of the key members of the ethecal community, and how ethecal offers them a virtuous circle that benefits them financially… 

Central & Local Government

Local Government bears the brunt of the effects of debt both directly and indirectly. Rises in debt levels directly impact the cost that Local Government must meet to support the most vulnerable in their communities.  

Increased welfare costs is an obvious cost, but others include increased healthcare for both physical and mental illness and increased crime related costs. 

Local Government as an entity also sends and receives large volumes of payments. In terms of payments Local Government makes a high volume of payments to the people in their communities; salaries to those they employ as well as welfare benefits payments including to those on low incomes. They also collect all kinds of payments, from rent to parking fines or market stall permits, many of which can be more efficiently and ethically collected using the ethecal platform.

The ethecal platform allows Local Government to make and receive payments in a more efficient way. By using the ethecal platform though, Local Government also helps the people that they serve to access all the personal benefits of the ethecal ecosystem. 

In this way, Local Government helps to reduce the levels of poverty in their communities, and therefore dramatically reduce the costs that they need to meet to support those communities. 

Virtuous Circle ? 


Retailers of all kinds like to offer store credit. In some cases, particularly those sectors where the goods sold have high value that is therefore suited to contract purchase (mobile phones, white goods, technology etc), credit scores are a part of the sale process. This means that many potentially good customers are turned away, and even more never come into the shop, or online store. 

By using the ethecal platform, ethecal retailers can access an improved credit evaluation and provision system which allows them to sell their goods to a large portion of the market that they would previously have either turned away, or never seen in the first place. 

Virtuous Circle ? 

ethecalTM Credit Providers

Credit Unions, and even the traditional banks, don’t want to charge high interest rates to vulnerable people. In fact, that’s why loan applications are turned down so often – because banks recognise the danger of the Vicious Circle of Debt & Poverty. 

However, the evaluation process that links an inaccurate perception of risk to rates which increase quickly until they reach a ceiling from where no credit can be provided, is flawed.  

The ethecal credit providers don’t profiteer from higher rates and they don’t benefit from refusing credit to people who desperately need it. 

The ethecal platform therefore offers these institutions an improved evaluation and collection process which enables them to provide much-needed credit, at fair rates, to a huge portion of society that they previously could not help. 

Virtuous Circle ? 

ethecalTM Utility Suppliers

It is pretty hard to live without basic utilities but when a customer is unable to pay their bills, instead of getting the financial help they need, they are often further impacted by being forced to pre-pay for future utilities. And this always comes at a premium to the consumer – especially when a consumer is required to install a pre-pay meter.

By using the ethecal platform, ethecal utility providers have access to a fairer way of evaluating previously perceived risky customers which allows them to provide their services to a large portion of the market without the need to install pre-pay meter. In turn delivering financial benefits to both the user and consumer.

Virtuous Circle ? 

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