Alex Apeldoorn: Chief Technology Officer

Relevant Experience

Alex is a thought leader for emergent technology (Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, and sustainable technology), and brings his experience on the application of disruptive technology.
Alex comes with experience as a continuous improvement project manager in various future 500 companies like Starbucks, Tata steel and TE Connectivity leading large scale technology improvement projects.

Alex specifically focuses on operational excellence and user-focused design and applies this in emergent technologies (Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, and sustainable technology). He has experience using a LEAN – scrum management style with numerous of interdisiplinary team all over the world.

Skillsets & Style

Business consulting, technology consulting, FinTech, putting business data to work (ML), revenue model predictions, multi-agent interaction models, tokenomics, sustainable energy and distribution, process analysis and optimization.

Life Beyond Work

In his spare time Alex enjoys being part of the Edinburgh whiskey society, Archery, gymnastics and fitness.