How ethecalTM Works

The ethecalTM ecosystem of users

ethecalTM is an ecosystem in which users and technologies combine to deliver a cheaper and more sustainable way to help eliminate the downward spiral of debt. It provides safe, fair and manageable credit access to low-income workers who would otherwise have no alternative but to turn to high-cost credit such as payday loans.

The ethecalTM Platform Technologies

The ethecalTM platform, built on block chain and run on smart-contracts directly connects users to providers.

The ethecalTM App

For end users access to the ethecal™ platform is through the app – for use on smart phones, tablets or PCs.

Through the ethecal app. users have a range of options that help them gain access to credit and services, Tools to help review and monitor income and outgoings ensures users are able to stay on top of their financial situation.

Key user benefits are:

  • Complete Control: Users can create unlimited sub-wallets to empower budget management
    Easy Rule Definition: Users can write their own rules like – “When my housing benefit comes in move it to the Housing Benefit wallet and then pay it to my Housing Association on the 1st of each month.”
  • Independent validation of identity and repayment affordability
  • Users perceived as lower risk and can therefore access credit that would otherwise be unavailable or high cost.
  • Simplified applications for contract based products like insurance, HP, phone contracts etc.
  • Access to special rates offered by ethecal suppliers through the app platform.

ethecalTM for all

Access to credit is based on how much you can realistically afford to borrow

ethecalTM for service providers

Access to a wider reach of
prescreened customers

ethecalTM for local authorities

A cost effective and efficient way to deliver benefits and receive payments