The ethecalTM Foundation

Poverty and Homeless 3.2

ethecalTM is a community and an ecosystem that’s committed to building a new economic model which creates a virtuous circle to fight poverty.Sadly, there is a whole layer of poverty that the ethecalTM platform can’t help. When the Vicious Circle of Debt & Poverty spirals to its ultimate conclusion, people disengage completely from the economy of their community… often becoming homeless. To help to re-engage these people in the economy of their community, ethecalTM is forming a Charitable foundation to which it will donate 20% of all revenue.
The Foundation will create and support initiatives which help to bring people out of severe poverty and to become contributing members of their community again. By investing in projects which serve the communities from which income was generated, a virtuous circle is created.

A Local Council uses the ethecalTM platform for payroll and benefit payment distribution to those who select it. This brings cost efficiencies to the Council, but also generates revenues for ethecalTM.
ethecalTM donates 20% of revenue to the Foundation
The Foundation supports an initiative to provide housing and job-seeking support to local homeless people.
Demand on local services (paid for by the Local Government Authority) is reduced with every individual who is helped to become a contributing member of their community.

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