What is ethecalTM

The ethecal™ platform, built on blockchain and run on smart-contracts, provides safe, fair and
manageable access to credit for those who would otherwise be denied access.

ethecalTMfor everyone

Access to credit that is safe, fair and manageable

ethecalTMfor service providers

Access to a wider reach of prescreened customers.

ethecalTMfor local authorities

Helping to eliminate the downward spiral of debt.

An ethecalTM alternative

By connecting ethecal credit providers with pre-approved low-income workers in need of safe,
fair and manageable credit we believe we can help eradicate the crippling downward spiral of debt in the UK.


Average credit card interest rate in August 2018.

ethecalTMfor everyone

Access to credit that is more affordable


NHS workers turning to payday loan firms to help them cope with their cashflow problems.

ethecalTMfor service providers

Access to a wider reach of prescreened customers

800% ROI

For every £1 invested in debt reduction a benefit to the community as a whole is realized.

ethecalTMfor local authorities

Supporting societies by reducing cost and eliminating debt

The ethecalTM ecosystem

ethecal facilitates access to credit based on affordability rather than credit scores.
The system tracks income, financial commitments and affordability for our borrowers and will
only offer credit when it is fair, safe and manageable.

ethecalTMfor everyone

A platform to organise and manage finances drive down debt and start saving.

  • Continuously tracks and allocates your income and outgoings, ensuring important bills are paid.
  • Credit applications are quick, easy and based on affordability.
  • Rewards for not missing a payment, for you to spend or save.

ethecalTMfor service providers

A system to automate repayments, on time and in full.

  • Pre-screens customers based on identified income and affordability.
  • Establishes smart-contracts with customers for repayments based on ability to pay.
  • Payments are automatically allocated out of the borrowers income.

ethecalTM for local authorities

A cost effective and efficient way to deliver benefits and receive payments.

  • All combined benefits are delivered directly into the recipients account.
  • Payments are automatically allocated out of the consumer’s income.
  • One off payments made for penalty notices.

ethecalTM benefits for all

The ethecalTM ecosystem benefits society as a whole by tackling the crippling downward spiral
of debt while delivering financial benefits for individuals as well as organisations
across the public and private sector.

ethecalTM for everyone

  • Access to fair credit that is affordable.
  • No more payday loans.
  • Automatic, manageable payments directly from income.
  • Know what money is left over each month.
  • Faster way to a debt free life.
  • Rewards for keeping on-top of payments.

ethecalTMfor service providers

  • Access to wider reach of customers.
  • Reliable customer risk profile and affordability checks.
  • Secure smart-contract based relationship with the customer.
  • Repayments automatically allocated out of customers income.

ethecal™for local authorities

  • Cheaper and fast way to deliver benefits payments to recipients
  • More effective and efficient way to receive payments from consumers.
  • Less money spent on debt reduction programs and programs needed as a consequence of the downward spiral of debt.

Join the ethecalTM Movement

There are a number of ways to become part of the ethecalTM movement and
we are excited to have everyone get involved.

ethecalTM for investors

Currently we are in the pre-funding phase of our project and looking for ethecalTM investors.

ethecalTM for service providers

Are you interested in becoming an ethecalTM provider and reaching a wider pre-screened customer base?

ethecalTM for all

Are you a consumer and need a little help managing your finances and eliminating debt?

ethecalTM for local authorities

Do you represent a local authority and would like to understand more about the benefits of the ethecalTM platform?